My place in Gouda

Part 89 of My Place In Gouda


The botanical garden in Gouda Wood. The part where nature is allowed to be itself again. A part of the Gouda wood they are letting become the way Gouda used to be. A peat meadow area with native plants and trees standing with their feet in the water. In winter it is quiet. As it should be. The earth rests, except for the ducks and swans. Lovely that quacking sociability in the fen. The insects are at rest together with mother earth. The calm before the spring growth explosion.


Astrid Den Haan loves to retreat after a hectic day as a photographer for the municipality of Gouda. During my stroll, she enjoys nature. Of course with camera. she likes to show the small beautiful things. Macro photography remains a fine challenge. Astrid can hardly wait for spring. She feels like a little flower bulb eager to push its head up through the earth and feel the warm spring sunshine. Summers here are teeming with insects. Then she walks along the path with dozens of red and blue dragonflies racing ahead of her. It is already becoming more than the meagre insect years, but it may be more.


  Mijn plek in Gouda – Hermen Buurman

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