Astrid den Haan


Free spirit, all-round and self-taught photographer. I am fascinated bij showing the hidden beautiful side of seemingly less obvious subjects; the imperfect; imperfection

In my last exhibition and book with the same name Between Old and New,  I took the viewer along in a visual story about a historic building where births and deaths co-existed for decades; this was the former St. Jozef Hospital in Gouda, which also served as an orphanage during WW1. The building became vacant, fell into disrepair and nature slowly took over. This resulted in a raw urbex series.

In addition to my work as a photographer for the municipality of Gouda I also  make plenty of free art work. The latter is a combination of street photography and macro photography. I would describe my work as raw, pure, observing and honest.

In my new exhibition Pigeons of the World, I would like to share my love for animals such as pigeons that are often considered a plague and hardly loved at all. I will take you on a visual journey across the border and invite you to experience the beauty of this familiar grey flying animal.

Nature fascinates me. Nature in the animals and surroundings, but also human nature. Within us. By showing the beauty of imperfection and decay, I want to inspire you to get closer to your nature

Gouda stories No 200

Walking through the streets of Gouda - for work or just to get some fresh air and stretch my legs - I regularly come across little balls of fluff in Gouda's window frames.

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Omroep west - Astrid fotografeert raamkatten in Gouda: 'Elke kat heeft een eigen verhaal'
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