Gouda stories No 200

Walking through the streets of Gouda - for work or just to get some fresh air and stretch my legs - I regularly come across little balls of fluff in Gouda's window frames.

Sunning, bored or curious little monkeys. Window cats come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they have a whole story to tell ...


As a photographer for the municipality of Gouda, I am regularly out and about in the city with my camera. I love cats, but I also like dogs and other animals. The other day I came across a parrot with a spoon in its paw.
Solo project


In 2015, I got the idea to capture window cats. I turned it into a solo project: Window Cats of Gouda & Co. I also run the Instagram account 'Raamkatten van Gouda' together with Julie. People can send in photos of their spotted cats in Gouda.


When photographing cats, you forget corona. Many people are pretty corona tired in my opinion. On my website, I post the cat photos. I keep it exciting and don't show everything yet. In the future, I will exhibit the photos.



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