Windowcat entaitainer Ollie

Gepubliceerd op 6 maart 2023 om 11:33

Ollie is, I think, one of Gouda's most famous cats. He does things a little differently as a window cat for the restaurant on Lange Tiendeweg.

A budding entertainer. He entertains customers for a cuddle. He is wonderfully soft. His regular spot is on the bench in front of the window. Very clever of Ollie.

Where he lives is a mystery to me. I do know he has a sweet boss who takes good care of him. And knows where he hangs out. Ollie is equipped with the latest high-tech technology. It almost has to be when you are so famous with a healthy lifestyle

Thank you Ollie! Nice to get to know you better.

Also a bite of healthy food with window theatre?


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