Photo festival Schiedam. Again, Yes!

Gepubliceerd op 5 juli 2021 om 15:17

For the second time in a row I was chosen for the open call at Fotofestival Schiedam.

This year it has a very appropriate theme. It matches my photography, purpose and passion. Show how beautiful nature is. Nature like animals and landscapes but also human nature. See who you are. Sometimes that is quite exciting for people.. To be seen.

That goes for me too. I am someone who does not like to be in the spotlight. But I like to show how beautiful the little things are.

Our planet, our Future!

In addition to the photographers of the open call, with the winner: Judith van Mil, there is a very nice collection of nature photography. Also National Geographic's 50 best photos are exhibited. It is going to be great!

The photo I submitted was taken in Gouda. I'll keep it as surprise until the opening of the festival.

Opening Thursday 29 July

Foto Festival Schiedam
Thanks Staamup!

Fotofestival Schiedam