Gepubliceerd op 16 januari 2021 om 15:15

Lockdown in January .. mm. I am a warm weather person and I miss that the open doors and windows. Fresh air in the house.


I especially miss being outside. Heat I can handle very well. Cold I don't like. Only when I freeze my but of with a sunny clear sky, that I like. I only came out for work and to shop for food. Not very relaxed. It felt like I had shrunk four inches.

Until a colleague came up with a brilliant idea. An app. I call it the kick-my-butt app. You can find it in the app store under the name "ommetje".


An app to motivate to make a daily stroll introduced by the Dutch Brain Foundation and brain professor Erik Schreuder. And it helps. I was really starting to get a little cloudy in my brain.

I hear you think ... What does this have to do with Window cats from Gouda? Well, during my walks I bring my camera, of course.


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