And, I shall wait for you

For you to come back home

For my life is not much

Whilst you are gone

- Athey Thompson -

As a photographer for the municipality of Gouda, I often walk the streets of Gouda. - for work or just to get some fresh air and stretch my legs –. I regularly come across cats, rolled up like little fluffy balls, in the Gouda window frames; either sunbathing on the window sill, just bored or with a curious eye;  “Raamkatten” (Window Cats) I named them. They  come in many shapes and sizes, telling their own stories. Apart from cats which are my favourites, I  come across all sorts of pets in window frames  such as, quite recently, a parrot with a spoon in its leg which looked very funny.

In 2015 I got the idea to capture these “Raamkatten” with my camera. I turned this into a solo project: Window Cats of Gouda & Co. I also started the Instagram account “Raamkatten van Gouda” together with Julie Middelkoop. Everyone who wishes to do so can send in pictures of the cats they spotted. 


So far I have photographed about 70 Window Cats and the number is still increasing. I just have a lot of fun in photographing them,  each one with its own character and posure. And,  I love the window frame decorations too,  since they tell a story about the people who live there.

Raamkat op De raam

My wish would be to find a wall in Gouda where they can all be put up. The greatest thing about exhibiting, are the reactions of the public. My exhibition at the “atelierroute Gouda” (studio route Gouda), last October, put a smile on people’s faces, which was lovely to see!


Raamkatten & Co media

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