Dancing like everyone can see you

Gepubliceerd op 19 november 2021 om 15:44

I'm so excited to see people dance in the street again like everyone's watching. That I would ever say that... A party that we can live with the virus without restrictions. That I can hold you whether I know you or not. Just because I like you.

Only now do I realize how free I was. Being able to go where I wanted. Thinking back to my last concert. It was one of my favorite bands in Vreedeburg in Utrecht. marillion. We danced, drank and sang along. I'm glad I enjoyed my last concert to the fullest. Friends cuddled and close nice conversations. What a wonderful memory!

It also makes me sad how far apart we live now. I hope we can do a liberating dance on the street in the near future. All over the world, I wish that for everyone.

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