Love my job

Gepubliceerd op 26 november 2021 om 16:31

I enjoyed today! Together with Mayor Pieter Verhoeve and colleague Jacqueline. With 10 cakes we visit couples who have been married for 60 years. Unfortunately, the big party in the theater could not go on. There are no fewer than 75 60-year anniversaries in Gouda this year. Incredibly much.


The happy faces of the people that the mayor comes to their home. Meeting all those beautiful different people. The beautiful stories, Gouda history and old photos of their wedding day. You walk into a room with many memories. Everywhere has a story. I could listen to the stories for hours.


I think it's a joy to see love after so many years. As we talk, a gentleman proudly rubs his wife's shoulder. And a day full of humor. "For a good marriage, keep throwing things and then make things right again," says the man with shining eyes in the doorway with his wife by his side. Now enjoying the afterglow with a smile on my face.. Love my job!


I think it would be wonderful to grow old together with Martijn so lovingly. It probably takes some crockery, but I like to make things right. ☺


Nice weekend!


Photo: Visiting Family van den Berg. Martinus, Gouda pottery painter.