Windowcats TV recordings

Gepubliceerd op 22 januari 2022 om 20:03
Annelies dijkman en Astrid den haan. tv opnames

Last Wednesday I went out with Annelies Dijkman. Camera woman and interviewer at TV West. You may know her from the funny program "van de kaart", where they walk a straight line from A to B through houses, ditches and gardens.


Together with our cameras. And this time I wasn’t behind it, but in front of it. Pretty exciting. Fortunately, It clicked well and I felt at ease soon.


Annelies had seen my Gouda story at "In De Buurt". She thought it would be fun to spot Window Cats together. Wednesday at 10 o'clock we went for a tour through the neighborhood. We found some, despite the fact that it was not such a window-hanging weather. Today the dogs also wanted to be in the picture.





(Sorry it is in Dutch)