Captive beauty

Gepubliceerd op 8 februari 2022 om 20:05
butterfly window
butterfly window flying

It broke my heart to see you locked up in an abandoned building. Fluttering looking for an exit. I've searched with you. But alas... All windows and doors were tightly sealed.


It made me feel well choked up to leave you here, sweet butterfly. I am someone who rescues an earthworm, steps over ants and finds a safe place to dry for flies that have fallen into the water.


 A beauty caught behind glass. Sometimes there is something much less beautiful behind a beautiful picture. Myself, I take pictures without disturbing nature. It is not done for just a nice photo.


Although it touches me that you have never been allowed to smell a flower, I will show you in this picture. As a reminder as I sometimes squeeze myself into a situation that turns out not to be so useful. Realize that freedom is not self-evident in these times.


In this image you continue to exist for me, Dear butterfly, you mattered.