Dr Phil

Gepubliceerd op 1 september 2022 om 20:07

I find traveling becomes extra fun with music. Especially live music on the street. I enjoy that. In Porto and London you see it a lot. Good bands on the street and in the subways. Here in the Netherlands it's very different. Except for a few players of musical instruments and a barrel organ you don't have much live music in the streets. I find that quite a pity.

Strolling through the streets of Berlin this day in the modern shopping area with the big stores. This district is very different from the other districts in Berlin. Everything is big and busy here on the Kurfürstendamm near the Gedächtniskirche . Looking out over the street with a cold beer on the balcony of the Hard Rock Cafe with the sound of Maria Carry (?) in the background, we hear a very cool band in the distance. Outside the hard rock cafe it rocks louder!

I used to think it was cool to go there. Now the cafe is full of families on semi McDonald food. On the guitars on the wall and a little rock music from the speakers I find very little Rock about it. It's basically a burger joint with guitars on the wall.... Very commercial! Quickly back on the street. The music outside calls...

Dr. Phil harmonic rocks! In the middle of the intersection, a three-piece doctor's band from Berlin is playing. Here in Berlin you can play amplified. It brings a very nice atmosphere to the street. People come from all sides to the sound. I can't stand still, wonderful! And take beautiful pictures of course. Always nice to discover new bands!

Dr. Phil harmonic