Baby food

Just arrived home with a basket full of greens. I did some special shopping. The shopping itself is not so special but it is for whom it is. I have cabbage white butterfly babies in the garden. Yippee! That sounds more appealing to most people than having caterpillars in the garden. And yet it's the same thing.

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Dr Phil

I find traveling becomes extra fun with music. Especially live music on the street. I enjoy that. In Porto and London you see it a lot. Good bands on the street and in the subways. Here in the Netherlands it's very different. Except for a few players of musical instruments and a barrel organ you don't have much live music in the streets. I find that quite a pity.

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Captive beauty

It broke my heart to see you locked up in an abandoned building. Fluttering looking for an exit. I've searched with you. But alas... All windows and doors were tightly sealed.

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Windowcats TV recordings

Last Wednesday I went out with Annelies Dijkman. Camera woman and interviewer at TV West. You may know her from the funny program "van de kaart", where they walk a straight line from A to B through houses, ditches and gardens.

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Love my job

I enjoyed today! Together with Mayor Pieter Verhoeve and colleague Jacqueline. With 10 cakes we visit couples who have been married for 60 years. Unfortunately, the big party in the theater could not go on. There are no fewer than 75 60-year anniversaries in Gouda this year. Incredibly much.

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Dancing like everyone can see you

I'm so excited to see people dance in the street again like everyone's watching. That I would ever say that... A party that we can live with the virus without restrictions. That I can hold you whether I know you or not. Just because I like you.

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I miss...

... the music. Live music. Spontaneously dancing in the street. I can enjoy it so much! I took this photo a few summers ago in Portugal.

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